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Orignal C. High School -Prologue-

    Walking through the streets gulping, feeling utterly nervous. Mark Chang had just arrived to the city. His parents had to move to this place because of job relocation. He just got transferred into a strange school known as Original C. High School. Mark didn’t know what to expect his last school was pretty normal and quite boring in his opinion. He got to the gates of the school and mumbled to himself, “Great this is where I’m going to learn? Sure the place looks incredible but that usually means I’m going to be surrounded by snooty rich people.” he sighs. The school does indeed look quite majestic.
    The gates were made of solid platinum and shown no rust, shining brightly in the sunshine. The gates lead to a walkway with a row of trees on both sides giving shade to those who walk along it. The walkway itself was made of several different stones giving it a mult
:iconlightning0:Lightning0 4 2
The Offsprings page 48 by glidingmark The Offsprings page 48 :iconglidingmark:glidingmark 22 8



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Hey there! I may not have shown so on my pretty barren DA, but I am an experienced GTS writer as well as GT! So for my first trick I shall propose a giantess plot for an RP!! BEHOLD!


It was the summer solstice, an event when the spirit world and the Physical World nearly join into one, its also where some individual's full potential can be gained, in this case, Toph Bei Fong was one such person, while the solstice commenced, unknowingly, at the Earth Rumble Arena, the one where underground Earthbenders fight for title belt, one champion, Toph was one such individual, feeling her power increasing caused her to get a tad bit out of control as her durability, strength increases, she easily defeated her oppositions but soon she couldn't help but lust for more power and as it shows, her power will grow (literally!) to new heights, as Toph is ready to establish herself as the greatest Bender in existence!


Posts must be of a decent length and well formulated!

Vore,sweat,armpit,feet,slave,domination,rampage etc. Are all accepted and ENCOURAGED!

Only thing I would say is absolute no go is scat and watersports.


Topsy Turvy!
United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Edward Elric
Personal Quote: The soil of a man's heart is stonier, a man grows what he can and tends it. - Jud Crandall


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TFWNoGiantGF Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017
TY for the watch!
ZacharyMckim Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017
Np! I've heard of TFWNoGiantGF all over the place and wasn't sure if it was a giantess author or not or some sorta macrophile meme xDD
TFWNoGiantGF Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2017
Hah - TBH, I named myself after an old meme. So a bit of both, I guess.
jedipat Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017
Hey, may I do a giantess RP with you?
ZacharyMckim Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017
Sure! what are you into? :P
jedipat Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017
Maybe you could give me a list of all the cartoons you like?
ZacharyMckim Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017
I've Just got into Avatar and Korra and I like the characters Toph and Korra. Umm....that's all I can think of rn lol
GTSCommissionFanArt Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017
Hello guys and happy new! I hope all is well and would like to thank you for becoming my watchers! I have started a Patreon page! I need a little support and help. I am struggling financially and I am currently unemployed. I been this way for the past 2 months. Well about sometime in November I had got fired from a job that I worked for a year after graduation, which I hated, but it help payed for the bills. Well things had  slowed at that job and the company had gotten overstaffed. Then to make matters worse I had a new manager which kept harassing me and tried to find every reason to fired me until he did! This job was so stressful and I really could not post as much as wanted too on Deviant Art. But outside of the internet their was this one  person that thought I was a talented artist and commission to paint a mural. For that week in painting this mural and being  self-employed I felt free! Well eventually I found work through a temp agency after Thanksgiving and the company I work for production slowed down as well too and they decided to lay me off after working them for about one month and half! Dang just when I was getting back on track! Well looking back on it now my passion as been and will always drawing whether it giantess art or not I just love to draw! Since I was a little child I always wanted to make a career out of it and when I saw Patreon I figure this could be the way! I had always knew about Patreon, but was so scared to take a chance, because I thought I was not as talented, but now at this point... What do i have to lose! So am taking a step out on faith and asking you guys to help support me from the bottom of my heart! If you become my patron you will not be disappointed! I plan on making big chances and creating a whole  lot of art with your help! I want to start making comics again like when I was school! I already had one in the works for a new giantess Avatar short comic series as well as a Proud family one! So what are you waiting for?!Stop by my Patreon page where you will see new art and you can provided me with some feed back always! PS! If this thing takes off I will also be giving free art lessons if you want to improve on your figure drawing skills! All it takes is a dollar! Every bit counts and I will be truly gratefully! With love I can't too see you guys there! Be bless!

here is the link to my Patreon page enjoy
erboiler Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks a lot for the watch :D (Big Grin) Tank's Tank's Tank's…
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